US military revolt against Obama’s decision to “support Al Qaeda in Syria

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A military revolt against the plan of the Obama administration to launch a potentially disastrous attack against is gathering pace, with two senior officers and members of scheduled services who express their vehement opposition to what the United States s ‘entangled in the conflict. The reaction began to spread on social media yesterday with many military posting pictures of themselves holding up signs saying they would refuse to fight on the same side as in Syria. Others have posted their photos on Twitter with the hashtag #IdidntJoin.

As the Obama administration prepares to present a draft resolution to legislators is far from “limited” in scope and would actually grease the skids for a war of indefinite duration, John Kerry and other officials State Department reported that Obama will simply ignore Congress if the vote no, and launch the attack anyway.

This will do little to reassure an increasing number of influential figures in the US Army, which become more and more recalcitrant that the are being lured into a new war in the Middle East.

The  Washington Post reports that “the plan of the Obama administration to launch a military strike against Syria has received with serious reservations by many in the US military, which is struggling with the legacy of two long wars and a budget that shrinks rapidly, according to current and former officers. ”

Republican Congressman Justin Amash also said via Twitter: “I have heard many members of our armed forces. The message I’ve always heard is: Please vote no on military action against Syria. ” Amash’s statement was followed by a series of tweets military veterans who have also expressed their opposition to the attack.

Paul Szoldra of Business Insider also spoke of “sources that are either veterans or currently on active duty in the army,” and asked them if they supported the military escalation in Syria.

“Most responded with an emphatic” writes Szoldra.

He cites a first class of active sergeant said: “We are overwhelmed, tired and broken,” adding that the United States “(do not) need to be the police of the world.”

“Our involvement in Syria is so dangerous on many levels, and American veteran of the 21st century is more concerned to avoid it more than anyone. It is beyond my comprehension that we are ignored, “added the former Corporal Jack Mandaville, a veteran of the Marine Corps infantry with 3 deployments in Iraq.

There are no military personnel who publicly exposes his concerns, Politico reported that leakage of the attack plan that “emanate from the Pentagon bureaucracy less enthusiastic about an attack than, say, the Department State, National Security Council and Obama himself, “are part of unauthorized disclosures that have” irritated “the White House.

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