The Spy Cables: A glimpse into the murky world of espionage


An aerial photograph showing Iran’s uranium enrichment facility just outside the city of Isfahan.AP

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Hundreds of confidential documents penned by South Africa’s intelligence agency that detail meetings with Mossad operatives on Iran’s nuclear program were obtained by Al-Jazeera and shared with the Guardian, it emerged on Monday.

The documents, part of a leak which is being referred to by Al-Jazeera as ‘The Spy Cables,’ appears to be most significant exposition of secret intelligence documents since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the breadth of American eavesdropping operations in 2013.

The documents, obtained by Al Jazeera in digital form, were passed to the Guardian as part of the cooperation between the two newspapers, the Qatari network reported.

The report said it will reveal “the Israeli Mossad’s true assessment of Iran’s nuclear program.”

The documents included detailed briefings and internal analyses written by South Africa’s State Security Agency (SSA) operatives, and document meetings the agency’s operatives held with the American CIA, British MI6, Russian FSB and other nations’ intelligence agencies, between 2006 and 2014.

The cables detailed missives from the Mossad to its allies saying that Iran was unable to produce nuclear weapons – a month after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that such capability was within a year.

They also describe attempts by the CIA to contact Hamas directly, even as the U.S. government listed the Palestinian group as a “terrorist organization.”
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Barak Ravid

Haaretz Correspondent
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Over ariannelot

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