Eurozone Collapse: Banksters Trojan Horse for Greece & EU

Published on 16 Jun 2015

Eurozone Collapse: Banksters Trojan Horse for Greece & EU 
The conflict over Greek debt is portrayed as one between fiscally responsible & fiscally irresponsible nations. But the IMF (and central banks) have for decades pursued a policy designed to flood nations with debt via a welfare entitlement state. Even states like Germany will not be able to remain solvent as a flood of entitlement-seeking immigrants will overload & bankrupt the most prosperous nation states.
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Major Financial Collapse in U.S. & World Coming Soon! Economic Forecaster Martin Armstrong
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Economic Collapse, End Cash & Gold, Bilderberg, World War 3 Coming? – Doug Casey
Expert Warns How Anthrax Scare Could Start War With Russia
Bilderberg Group Agenda NWO Plan: War on Cash Has Begun
Elites Bilderberg Group 2015 Prepare For Nuclear War & Economic Devastation
Beware All, Central Banks Attempting to Outlaw Cash Transactions, Be Prepared!
Elite Destroy the Brain! Americans are dumber than ever before. Here’s the shocking proof…
The WAR on Cash is really a War on Freedom
Agenda NWO: The End of Cash and Owning Things
NWO Globalist Agenda – Central Banks Attempting to Outlaw Cash Transactions
Rothschilds & Rockefellers: The Elite, the ‘Great Game’ WW1, WW2 and World War III Soon
Illuminati Expert on Jade Helm 15 & Chinese yuan World Reserve Currency
Expert Predicts US to Set Up Iran on Violating Nuclear Provisions
WAR in Summer 2015 Says Survival expert (Joel Skousen)
Steve Quayle Reveals True Purpose of Jade Helm Exercise
Steve Quayle: Jade Helm 15, Martial Law, Govt Underground & Food Storage Nibiru Planet X
U.S. Is Heading Toward Financial Ruin Economic Collapse Says Harry Dent
Ron Paul Warns Of Economic Collapse; Jade Helm & Violence in Baltimore 
Ron Paul: Jade Helm 15 A Military Takeover?
Ron Paul: Collapsing Economy Fuels Baltimore-Style Riots
Illuminati Plan To Survive Nuclear Attacks – Elite Building Bunkers For Coming Nuclear Strike
Joel Skousen Warns Of Massive FEMA Camps Being Built & Nuclear Attacks By The Elite
Military Lied! Jade Helm Is Training To Kill Americans Who Resist
Russia Preparing For Full Scale Nuclear War with the United States
The World is Heading into Nuclear War By The Elite
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The Fed Has Left Us With The Highest Leveraged Debt Ratio In History – David Stockman
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Paul Craig Roberts – The World is Heading into Nuclear War…
Build up to WW3 – The Real Story Behind Oil Prices – Paul Craig Roberts…
Gerald Celente Predictions 2015: Disastrous Christmas, World War 3, US Economic Collapse…


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