The 3-City State World Empire/Trinity of BABYLON: VATICAN-LONDON-WASHINGTON DC

Published on 21 Jul 2013

A quick look into the three sovereign CITY-STATES representing the Spiritual, Financial & Military dominance attempt of control over every living human being on this planet Earth.

The long since established, yet evolving system of this `unholy trinity` is also known as `the Empire of the City`.
These interlocking Superstates may well represent the mechanism of control that the would be rulers of humanity consider the lynchpin of the outworking of their fore bearers bloodline diabolical desire for world dominance and control today referred to and known as the Babylonian/Atonist New World Order

Published on 26 Mar 2015

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Wouldn’t bother getting into this stuff if there was no antidote:

Features the song of a friend. You can find more of his music here:…

Excerpt from Grace Power’s doc. “Ring of Power” which can be purchased here:

I don’t agree with Grace on a good deal of things, including origins and what the answer to it all is, but I found the info featured here to be quite to the point.